Extraction of pdf data for a particular column

Abc.pdf (180.9 KB)

Hi All,
Please help me out,i have attached one pdf document and i have to get only value of id column one by one as i want to iterate each value of id and put it to some websites and i have multiple pdf files like that with structured data.

So, may i please know how can it be done without using scrapping!!

Thanks in advance

You’ll want to read the pdf, split it by newline, then have 2 options: 1 - add to datatable, iterate through and pull out info from each row; or 2 - iterate through each string and pull out the ID using string manipulation. I attached an example using the datatable approach here: Rahul14.xaml (10.7 KB) and an example using string manipulation only here: Rahul14_StringManipulationOnly.xaml (9.1 KB)

Thanks a lot Dave…:slightly_smiling_face: