How to loop through with in PDF by uipath

Hi All,
In My PDF I have values in table of 8 rows and 4 columns. Where I need to extract one column of data from entire 8 rows,which is in middle for every row. Please suggest my any possible way to loop through with in pdf.
Thank youexample.pdf (96.7 KB)


Can you try using Data Scraping if its not scanned pdf.
This will give you output in DataTable .Which can be use to get 8th row value very easily.

Hi ddpadil,

Thank you for you reply. Here i attached the pdf can you do it for that pdf and share your review. I need to extract “Sname” column data.



They are not in tabular format .So you can’t use Data Scraping.
So you need to use ReadPdf Activity and do the string manipulation.

Here we go.
ExctarctPDF.xaml (19.6 KB)


In my some other pdf’s it will have some text above it and then followed by the table.

You just has to make some changes to existing code according to requirement.

Thank you #ddpadil …we will work