Scroll Table for Table Extraction - Not scrolling all the way to the bottom for extraction

So I’ve tried changing the Number of scrolls all the way to 3000 and it’s not making a difference. It will only scroll a couple of cells down.

Hi @corinthertx

Go to the end of the page by using the send hot keys activity and then try to extract the data table.



Hope it works!!

Since it’s computer vision when I go to the end of the page it’ll not get the top part of the table.


Then divide the table into smaller sections and scroll through each section separately. Extract the data from the visible area, then scroll to the next section, and repeat the process until you have covered the entire table.

Hope it helps!!

You’ll have to Extract, Merge Data Table into a finalDT, click scroll down. Do this in a Do While. After Extract check if an element that’s only visible at the bottom has appeared and use that (didn’t appear) in the Do While condition.

Hi @corinthertx

Regarding the properties: NumberOfScrolls/ScrollDirection are only taken into account in finding the table.
ScrollableTable is used to decide if the extraction should also scroll. It does not use the two proprties above
DelayScreenshotAfterScroll is used in both finding and extracting the table. This property comes in handy if your UI takes a while to update after a scroll.

To better understand the issue can you please enable Table Scroll Logs from project settings / computer vision and after send me the latest folder from \AppData\Local\UiPath\ComputerVisionLogs\TableScroll . Please take care in editing the images so as to hide PII data