Extracting tables from Outlook, one by one into Excel

Hi there!

We’re developing a process where the goal is to copy values from a mail-table in Outlook, and pasting these into an Excel document. These values (for instance: name, number, address, and date) are to be pasted into an existing Excel-document by creating a new row based on the value-headings (the “number” from the Outlook-table is copied into the “number”-heading-column in Excel, thus creating a new row of values).

There are several emails being read at once by using “Get outlook mail” activity.
We’re using a “for each” to iterate through each email, and extracting the table by using “Extract data tables from HTML”.
We want to create a new row in Excel with some of the values gathered from the Outlook table, one row per email.
Our guess is that we have to use the “add queue item”, or to create a dictionary of values?.. Either way, the robot has to remember all the tables to be able to add them to Excel one by one.

That’s it.

What is the best solution for the robot to add Outlook-tables, one by one into Excel? Only copying certain values from each table? It is always the same values being copied.

HI @Olav_D

My friend @Sourav_Anand has created an amazing component that is capable of extracting tables from email body. I guess this is the best option for you to extract the data i nthe email body as tables