How to extract outlook table data to excel?


If i have a mail.body like as below

HI sir




How to convert to Excel?


Thanks in advance!


If it is a table…then you can get the html body and save as .html file and then open it in browser using use application/browser and then use extract table activity


Hi @Bosch

use “Get Outlook Mail Messages” to retrieve the email containing the desired body text. Store the email body in a variable.Use string manipulation methods to extract the required information from the email body, you can use substring or regex functions to retrieve the values of “Name” and “Phone” from the email body text.

Initialize a DataTable in UiPath with the required columns (“Name” and “Phone”). You can use the “Build DataTable” activity to define the structure of the DataTable.
Use the “Add Data Row” activity in UiPath to add the extracted data (Name and Phone) as a row to the DataTable.Use “Excel Application Scope” to open an Excel file. Within the scope, use the “Write Range” activity to write the DataTable to the Excel file, specifying the desired range.


Thanks for the answers from Anil and Nitya.
I can’t thank you enough.
If matches doesn’t work, I’ll try this.

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