Only Table extraction from Outlook

Hi ,

I want table from the email body into excel

Can anyone do needful thing

HI @haria05a7

See this


Can u send sample Xaml ,


i want only the table not the text present in the body of the mail

HI @haria05a7,

Here you go
You can achieve using the following Property

This property is useful for returning an Inspector object in which to display the item, as opposed to using the Application.ActiveInspector method and setting the Inspector.CurrentItem property. If an Inspector object already exists for the item, the GetInspector property will return that Inspector object instead of creating a new one.

and typecast the object to word document


and get the list of table using the the object xDoc

Check the sample below
OutlookInvoke (1) (1).xaml (8.7 KB)

Sanjay Shankhla