Extracting tables from email body in outlook app

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Need help in extracting multiple tables from a outlook email body. The number of tables is not common. It changes based on the email received. I tried using data scraping but it only shows the result of the screen visible.

Hi @Manish_Prasad_manishp
kindly refer below link

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Hi @Manish_Prasad_manishp

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Refer the link for more info

Get Table From Email with UiPath - RPA Geek Community.


Do you have the package name. As i am not able to find this custom activity

HI @Manish_Prasad_manishp

Have a look on the thread

Go To → Manage Package → ExtractTable (Install → Save)

Look into Screenshot


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Thank you Gokul. However looks like this activity is not working for me as the tables in my email dont have borders and due to which this activity is not finding the table. I tried this with other email which has borders in table and it works.

Can anyone suggest me any other way. I tried data scraping but that is only scraping the visible part of the screen but not the whole email.

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