Extracting structured data from web page


how can I extract from a web page grid all elements, also the icons in grid?

Thanks in advance

Hi @marica_licciardello

you can use Data scraping in the Studio but I am not sure you can get Icons.


Yes, using it I could not get icons.
Is there any way to get html source in order to get the icons?

Hi @marica_licciardello,

may be you can extract the data row by row you may get the details i hope.

Arivu :slight_smile:

I’ll try. Thank you so

Use FindChildren activity to get icon or\else you can edit the structured data definition within structured extract data activity.

You will be able to get icon.

Thank you so!

How to edit structured data definition?

Data definition edit option is within preview of data while adding selectors.
You can also edit data definition in ExtractMetadata Properties of Extract Structured data activity.

data definition edit in screen bleow

OK thank you so much! (sorry for the delayed answer)