Extracting Multiple Lines from a column in PDF

Hello Everyone ,
I am just trying to extract the data from PDF and and writing it on excel .
I am facing the problem in extracting the data of multiple rows in single column

For example :
This is the value of single row in the column
I need to extract this data and write it on the excel

Can anyone help me to achieve this task
@NIVED_NAMBIAR bro are you having any ideas about this task

@Sudharsan_AIT - Please share the sample text from the Read PDF activity (Make sure you use “Preserve Format” to True in the Properties) and Expected output. We can take a look…

Can you eleborate bro

Like we are having vehicles details ,In on column we are having reg no of vehicles like
BY3435 (These are in the first row of reg no column)
VV0125( These are in the second row of reg no column)

I need to extract these data and print in single cell (i.e.,‘PY22VV0125’)in the excel
Note : we are going to extract from different column and multiple PDF

@Sudharsan_AIT - its already elaborated bro.

  1. Read Pdf text activity, in the properties set preserve format to true . Output is string .

  2. Write this output to text file and share with us.

Without any sample text or input data , it is hard to assist.

Just a minute bro I’ll send you the sample

sample.txt (1.1 KB)
You can see the sample txt bro

Hi Sudharsan,

If your pdf is readable format then follow below steps,

  1. Read pdf text.
  2. Write text file.
  3. Open that text file.
  4. Copy all data and paste into Regex101.com site.
  5. Relevant data you can extract and write into excel.

@Sudharsan_AIT - I don’t think this is the correct file, because I dont see any vehicle details in this…

Was this file created using Read PDF activity and later you changed the details??

If not, please provide the correct file after making PII details…which would help to derive more acurate Regex…

Hello Sudharsan,
In this video, I have 17 examples with code on how to extract data from PDF (I’m sure you can build a logic base on similar rules):