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Hi, I just was extracting data from Invoice to excel I got struck in 1 element where In Invoice I have from and to address while I was extracting that value It was taking as a row (i.e It was taking entire row )It was not yet extracting the complete is the snapshot of Invoice.

Well @sainath2172

What exactly are you using to extract the invoice details?

ABBYY? Taxonomy from Uipath? Read PDF activity? Please provide more details for quicker resolution.

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By using read pdf activity.I need to extract data from invoicepdf to excel.As i was trying to extract (from address) in the invoice to excel. I was unable to get address instead of that it was extracting invoice number.please check the invoice.Can I get a solution to extract from address from pdf to excel.@Raghavendraprasad

Well I can try but seems like there is no PDF attachment you uploaded for testing it.

I am not sure whether I communicated this clearly, the actual invoice (which is a PDF I am assuming) is what I requested.

I have attached the pdf.@Raghavendraprasad

Well got it.

This Seems like fixed invoices with native text PDF without much differences in subsequent samples (just guessing)

Anyway, looks like “Invoice Number
Order Number
Invoice Date
Due Date
Total Due”
are all constants in that PDF so you can remove them using before after function using or just do whatever replace, split, RegEx methods you want to use to get only the ‘from address’. SHould be fairly simple as the text extraction is very precise as it is a text layered PDF not a scanned one. Or if you thing there are scanned PDFs also that might be coming in, have you checked out the following links for a better data extraction?

Hope these help you out :slight_smile:


Hi @sainath2172 ,
Please try using Anchor Base activity. Keep a find element activity in the anchor and point to the From: word. Then use a text extraction activity and place in the Drop Action activity here.

Here is the output:


But an assistive technology popup will appear when you use UiAutomation activity with PDFs I wouldnt recommend this unless it is the last resort.

Can I have an example.@PAVITHRAN

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Thank you I will check it.@Raghavendraprasad

By using ScreenScraping activity,I extracted (from address )data to the message box but it was unable to extract to the excel.test

@sainath2172, Here you go buddy. You can change the workflow according to your requirement instead of attach window activity. (13.7 KB)