Extracting information from an excel/ database based on the user input query

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I need your help. I am working on a problem. I have data set with 5 columns. One column has description (open text). other columns are demographics.
As a user i will input the keyword , then the bot has to search through the description column and send the report with all the rows matching that keyword along with other column.
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Use For each row

  • If condition where row(“Description”).Equals(“Input keyword”)
    Then - Display the rest of the column values
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For filtering your keyword check below for your reference

Once you filtered the datatable as above, Use For Each Row Activity to loop in to your filtered datatable. you can use variables to store the data and can use the same variable for your report

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Thank you @Srini84 . Really helpful. I am new to ui-path, is it possible to get the workflow please?


Thank you @hasib08

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Merry christmas. Is it possible to get the workflow for performing this task?