Web scraping on unique web searches

I am doing several web searches from a excel file using for each row.
This works well and i have 7 different browser windows open with my search result on ebay.

However i want to scrape these individual results one by one down to the same CSV file.

I am quite stuck at the moment, how can i make a “default” web scraping for the unique search that are made based on the keyword from excel?


step 1. open browsers(“http://www.ebay.in/”)
step2. read excel file
step3. use Foreach to iterate through each search item
step4. use web scraping
step5. navigate to activity (“http://www.ebay.in/”)

this will open browser one time and navigate to home page.
ps: keep step 4,5 inside foreach loop

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Hi ddpadll,

Is it posible for you to show me more precise how this works?
I am brand new in UiPath.

At the moment i do the following:

  1. Read excel
  2. Build data table with excel information
  3. For Each row i open a browser
  4. Do the search for each row

When i use web scraping it only works on the first search, since i dont know how to make it default using each individual search.


don’t use open browser inside foreach which makes you open browser multiple times.
here is the sample workflow i created rather than taking input value from excl i just taken in array variable.
Here i’m searching for the values from array and passing in single ebay site. You can use data scraping wizards after typeinto activity
ebay.xaml (9.5 KB)


Thank you so much, that helped.

However i am still struggeling with the data scraping for each individual search.

Can you show me how you do this after the typeinfo activity where the search results are shown.
It seem to be only one specific search i can do at a time.


I am able to scrape the first search keyword from ebay and save it in the ExtractDatatable

But all the others are not saved in the table and therefore it is only the first search results which i can get in my updated excel.

Sorry for the delay, busy with some stuff.
Data Scraping holds a property called “Extract MetaData” when your searching for the next value its not changing in the metadata hence your able to get only first search item in datatable

check this structure
when i search for iphone and search for computer
just replace name by **wildcard ***. It worked for me. cheers :thumbsup:

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This structure is user defined?

Hi ddpadil and Lasse_Vinter,
I am completely new to Uipath and try to figure out a solution for my issue, maybe U2 can help me? It’s like the issue from Lasse but a little bit different. I have a csv file from a vendor with Article Numbers, EAN, Title,… but no description and no link to the Fotos, but the vendor tell us feel free to copy and paste it, but this are approx. 3.000 Articles. So my idea is, read from the csv file, open the browser find the different EAN Codes and fill the missing data in accordance to the EAN Codes. Is this possible? Can you pls. help me with this :).
Thank you very much for your help

I have an added question to this thread. :slight_smile:
I’m working on a similar use case:
I have 3 searches to be made in Google(stored in arrayVar for your reference) & I’ve to loop through each of them & extract the data(using DataScraping here) & append it to CSV.

Here, I took the values in array variable of String, looping through but apparently it only takes first value & appends it to CSV thrice(not identifying the other two).

I’m not able to figure out whether the problem is with selectors or with the ExtractMetadata. Adding my workflow here along with Metadata’s screenshot. Please advise.
Thanks a lotGoogleWebScraping.zip (1.8 MB)