Extracting Data From Google Maps and store into Excel


I am reading an excel file and from the for each row in that excel file I have to search in the google map and scrape phone number of that company since all the companies don’t have updated their phone number I also want to bypass that names. (Please refer screenshot )

My concern is I am using get text activity to get the number but it is not working with all names, and throwing an error.
I also make the selector dynamic still also this happens. Help me with this Thank you in advance.



Hello @Parth.Kadia

Instead of uiautomation, you can use http request, it is little bit tricky but it will give fast and good results… Also u can utilise the google APIs to do this job…

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@Ajju I am new in uipath can you please elaborate how to use http request and my second point is google API is not free.

To do this use HTTP request activity, then pass the end point( URL) of the location your searching in the in the Maps to the HTTP request.
it will return a .json , by de-serializing the Json you will get the data like phone number timings etc,.

To get create dynamic URL for your location or company location in google maps just follow the below URL,

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