Selectors for scraping phone number

Hi All,

I’m trying scrape phone number from google map. The use case is to search for vendor name in google map and get their phone number.

I have tried different selectors but it not working the same all the time. I’m searching the company name with address. I have attached sample list of company name I’m looking for.

Can you please help me with this with an sample XAML ?
Sample Company list.xlsx (11.7 KB)


Open UiPath studio, and punch in a few different addresses, to see if the selectors change at all, and then narrow it down to the most simple selector.

Make sure any values that might change like the address, business name, and phone number have a wildcard like *


There is also a really nice few buttons in UIExplorer under where it says visual tree, that highlight and show search options. It helps you narrow down what you’re looking for. Hope that helps.