Extracting all the images from word document

Is there any way to extract all the images from a word document and save them as .jpg or .png files. I have been trying but not getting any solution.

@badita Kindly suggest any solution .

Yes, you can easily extract all images from word document. All you need to save your docx file as web page.
Open docx file in Microsoft Word and click on the File > Save as > and select the web page (.html) option from the save as type.
After that, you’ll see the HTML file and folder with images where you saved it on your PC.

Also, you can use Google Docs. In Docs, click on the file > Download and select save as web page.

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Hello @Hawkins

You can also open the .docx document as a .zip archive and find the images in word/media



Source: https://otechworld.com/extract-save-images-from-word/