Read Images inside Docx word file

I need get the text inside the docx so I used the word application activities and read the document… but the document has some images in it… I need to read that images too…

I am facing difficulties in reading the images in the docx file…

Help with the ideas to read the images in docx

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Pls better explain your requirement:
a/ Do you need to read content of embedded pictures, i.e. OCR
b/ or just read images as images (and store it for later use)


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Yes option A works out for me…

I need to read the content in the images which is inside the docx file

A simple approach: Convert DOCX to PDF (“Export to PDF” activity) and next use “Read PDF with OCR” activity.

Alternative approach: Extract images from DOCX and use some of OCR engines to get the text. This would be quite complex programming, though.



This simple approach worked out for me, Thank you.

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