Copying an pictures from Word document?

Hi All,
Can anyone please suggest some activites or sequence to copy pictures from word document…



If u are having only a picture in the word file you use a Word application scope from Uipath.word.activities and use screenshot activity and give the selector as the body of word file

Thanks @muhamed.fasil
But i have word document contains both Text and pictures…in that i need to fetch only pictiures…


ok so how many pictures are there ?

more than 10 @muhamed.fasil

Extracting (102.8 KB)

Give the file path and check the project folder for images

If this satisfy your need please mark it as slution

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Hi @praveenchintu374

This implementation is without taking screenshot and extract the images only.

Please check (888.9 KB)

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I’m getting an error message as attached above if i opened the main sequence which you have sent

Can you please share me the screen shot of the sequence because if i opened your sequence same error message is displayed as mentioned above

Thanks @kumar.varun2 @muhamed.fasil for getting me to know the new ideal workflow and
Issue got resolved.

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