Extracted Workflow Can't run Debug File

Hi I face a problem which I cant run Debug File one of my extracted workflow, but I am able to execute Run File on that workflow. I am able to run Debug File on rest of the extracted workflow. The error said this workflow cannot be found. Make sure that it is part of the project.

Indeed it is part of the project listed under the project directory. Any setting went wrong?

Need help here and thanks in advance.

Hi @dllee

Did you restart uipath and check for it?


Try to save the file before debugging it

Tried, not working

Tried, not working as well


Is it possible to send the xaml?


Hi thanks all,

I have resolved the problem by recreate the project and all works well.
Lesson learned is not to put the development project in onedrive and co-edit, it will break the project setting if any conflict happen.

Thanks all.

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