DU Template Projects compiling entire project during Debug File and Test Activity

Hi Community,

In the latest update of UiPath Studio, I have observed that whenever I execute “Debug File” for any sequence, it goes on to build/compile the entire project and the build fails if there is any compilation. The same goes for when I am executing a “Test Activity” for any specific activity. I have observed this for projects created using the “Document Understanding Process Template”.

I don’t know if it’s a Studio issue or the DU Template issue, but this didn’t used to happen earlier. I feel that compiling the entire project defeats the purpose of having important features like debugging a specific file or testing an activity.

Was this introduced as an intended feature?

Adding some screen recordings for this -



Hi @Nishant_Banka1

I believe this simply comes with the introduction of the Windows and Cross-Platform projects and can’t be avoided, given how those frameworks work.

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