Extracted data table -Filter Data table issue-not matching

Hi All,

i have situation like there is a website if i put initial in it and search, it provide the search result for that initial, but there are some situation where if you put one initial it display more than one initial(i’e the initial you search for and also related to that initials).

let say intial=rehk
it could display rehk and rdyk etc
or there is chance that there are other initials present but the specific initials or data will be not present in it, and i need to handle to that.

what i have done is

i scrapped the data and used filter data table to get the specific data and then again check for condition, but my code not working.
here screenshot is of Filter datatable wizard, and i want to check like if initial = sNNinitials(Scrapped variable), then check for Dept.No, and Manger is same or not.

kindly suggest some idea?

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Hi All,

Any suggestion?


have you tried to do the filter condition just on the initial, and after that do a different filter (or use if) for the other conditions?

yes, i have tried, but not got the result

It returned some errors or the outputDT was just empty?
In that case try to put a value that you know is present inside the DT (you can hardcode it in the filter) and see if works.
If doesn’t work then the problem is in the filter options, if works the problem is in the variable.