Filter wizard not working properly

Hi All,

Kindly help me to fix my issue.

i am using filter wizard to filter the condition from the dt, but not working for some user even if it is correct.

please find the attached screenshot of the code.

let me know in case of any clarification.

Thanks in advance

Hi @Rakesh_Tiwari

What issue you are facing


Thanks for replying.

Actually the condition i have provided in filter wizard not working for some of user’s in data table even if the condition is matching.(for Dept no and manager).
it logs no match

Hi @Rakesh_Tiwari

Can you give it manager as and instead of or


ok, i will try.

Hi, i tried but same result.

refer screenshot, here deptno and manager is matching, but still throwing not match msgbox

Hi @Rakesh_Tiwari in filter datatable activity while filtering the data providing as input to the condition of filter datatable activity should be of same datatype. Like if Dept No is of integer type then filtering the value provided in Value section of filter datatable activity should be of Int type.


yes declared like that only.


I am here assuming that this post is linked to your question in a previous thread. I am posting it so that people who want to solve this have some background. Change variable to uppercase - Build - UiPath Community Forum

  1. As @ptrobot suggested in the other thread, it is important that you do not hardcode your reference strings. If you do please use the Trim and ToUpper methods so that you are comparing Trimmed and Uppercase strings.

  2. Also are you sure that logic is what you are looking for in the filter wizard?
    ("Dept. No" AND "Manager") OR "Manager"
    I do not think this is correct. This logical will fail in some scenarios where only Manager is a match and Dept. No is ignored.

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ok, thanks for posting this.

As per my requirement there should be matched both Dept no. and Manager. because there can be two manager. suppose if some user’s manger is CURE if not then it should be LOTA, else it will go to not match.

or can we do like check for manager is CURE or LOTA , then check for DEPT NO? that would be good idea believe?

Hi Everyone,

Kindly help me, as i am in learning process and first time implementing whole project alone in my company, and i am stuck and can’t understand how move forward now.


Hi @Rakesh_Tiwari

Can you share the excel file


Hi @AshwinS2

This post is for different issue, like working for different project.

To know what i am trying to achieve, kindly read @jeevith post above.


Hi again @Rakesh_Tiwari,

Guess what happened! I had the same failure message almost exactly at the same time you posted the failure message.

I myself did not understand at first why this happens because in a For Each Row we always have row or item in DataRow argument type so when adding the row to different datatable, it should just take row as argument. But it is not the case.

So here is the simpler solution thanks to @ppr Adding data row to data table. this row already belongs to another table - Build / Studio - UiPath Community Forum)
Try this
Remove value row from DataRow property and instead use value row.ItemArray in the RowArray property of Add Data Row activity

Note: Here row can be the name you give so it can be anything depending on how you use the For Each Row activity

What you are essentially saying is "Hey activity get all the row values of the matched row (on Dept. No and Manager) convert it to array and use that array to populate the row in the new data table "


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