ExtractDataTable Blank

Hi, i have made an assignment and i am unable to scrap the data through Data scrapping.

My page is taking time to load and before that i have added element exists activity as well.

Below is the screen shot.

Please tell me why its happening and how to fix it?


Could you please use clear data table before extracting the data?

Have you checked in debug mode?

if issue is still persisting we can try with modern table extraction, Since this is an advanced one


Actually when am checking Output table, its just creating the sheet but not pasting the extracted data table. I tried clear data table as well after write range of extracted data that didnt work.

Data Scrapping is not scrapping the data.

try to Retry Scope activity!

if Data Scrapping is not scrapping the data , it will retry 3 times ( but you can change retry times in properies)

I will try this solution. Just want to know one more thing, in reframe work i am writing this data in a workbook so when loop is going back to second transaction and coming back to write range then its replacing the data as per 2nd row of input file. How to fix that?

can you explain it in detail?


I need to extract the current price of any stock from this website.
Below is the price screen shot.

It’s not in the text form.

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