Data scrapping issue in prod

Data scrapping is working in Dev env.
But not in Prod. It’s not actually throwing any error. But outcome is zero data.
In actual there are few records.

HI @vamsi_81087

Hope the below points on investigating will help resolving this

–Is the environment same in PROD as in Dev, environment here the app from where data is extracted is same in both instances
–before extracting add some delay or to the best practice ensure that the page is loaded completely
and that can be validated with ELEMENT EXISTS activity

Cheers @vamsi_81087

@Palaniyappan , thank you for your response.

  1. Environments are same. I could able to fetch some data before data scrapping.
  2. On same page of data scrapping, bot will do some little operations. Actually the records will be readily available. Hope I no need to apply delay over there.

Could you please help me if any further checks I might miss.

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Hi @vamsi_81087 ,

I will suggest instead of putting some delay better to retry it at least three times if the extracteddata.rows.count =0

Before this make sure in prod it is actually extracting data, if you have studio installed there then better to check it in debug mode.


Let’s take it from simple way of approach

—first is there any way or option already available in that application to export that table as EXCEL File
if so we can consider that instead of Data Scrapping

—second I was suggesting to use element exists in a way that it should be looking for a text in the table from where we are trying to fetch the data

Element exists should look for that text in that table say for example a column name of that table and we need to keep the property WaitForReady as COMPLETE to ensure that the element is completely active to access it

This way we can ensure that the element is active and we can surely fetch the data from that table

—Third I would suggest to try with a solid way that the data is fetched at any cost even if data scrapping doesn’t works at times
What if after retrying multiple times the extract didn’t happen
So we need to have another way of extracting data similar to data scrapping which is SCREEN SCRAPPING

If the datatable is aligned perfect then we can use SCREEN SCRAPPING method and get the output as string and pass that string variable to GENERATE DATATABLE activity to get as a Datatable

Cheers @vamsi_81087

Hi Vamsi,

Sometimes the Uipath could not detect the element in other machines
so we can give it a try by enabling the “Simulate Click” or “Send Window Messages” also make “Continue to Error” = False so we can actually get accurate result

Hope it works