Extract the Selected Text from Similar Images in a Folder

Dear All,

I have business card Images like Image1, Image2, Image3.
I need to extract the name, email, phone and write to excel.
I tried to use the tesseract OCR inside the get OCR text. I’m able to loop through images. however, I could not extract the text from selected area from all three images in a loop.

any suggestions will be helpful.



can you try with computer vision activities? using the CV get text


Hi @Padmaja_Viriyala

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If you want to extract the text from certain position of the image you can Try Using Document understanding method.

Please go thought the series of videos for better understnding.

Hope this helps.


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@Padmaja_Viriyala If you can share a sample image that will help here. Is the text inside the image any kind of captcha? or normal alphabet which can be readable by a bot?

Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan

It’s a Normal readable text. It’s an image with Name, email and Phone. I have 5 images with same format text at same position. I need to extract the name, email, phone and write to excel for all 5 images.

Hi @Padmaja_Viriyala ,

If the format is the same you can use Get OCR Text activity or Computer vision(preferable). Images are provided below.

  1. get all the files from the folder.
  2. use a for loop and open them one by one.
    3)Use Get OCT Text to get the fields and save to a variable.