Extracting Text From Multiple Images

Hello All,

Here I got the text value from the text file as a variable. I am required to get that value and write in Excel. ( The data will be Numbers in 1 column)

I am using the Write Range Workbook activity but no use and OCR stops working if the sample input file is closed. I can’t keep that file open all the time.

I want to get this output in an Excel file.

Hi @Anirudh_Tugawe

Can you share the input text file what the value you want to write in Excel. Please specify.


This is the output as numbers, I want to add this in an Excel file in the same project folder for further use.


Could you share the workflow file and Input please.


Get OCR text.xaml (19.1 KB)

This is the workflow please check. but it doest have input file\

Hi @Anirudh_Tugawe

Can you check out the below xaml file. I have modified the flow. Test and check if it’s working fine.

Get OCR text.xaml (22.4 KB)


Thank You so much And sorry for the late response

Hi @Anirudh_Tugawe

It’s okay bro have you got the solution?


Yes its working thanks again

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Hi @Anirudh_Tugawe

You’re Welcome.

Happy Automation!!

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