Extract the data from images

I have a few images that consists of office hours, professor name, university, department e.t.c
I wanted to extract the data from the images, The problem is images cannot be defined as how it might come, but sure the above data is available and need to be extracted,

Any suggestion will be really helpful!
Below are the sample images.

Help Document Understanding ocr-engine #LLM Studio Knowledge Base

Below is few more examples of images


check above thread


You can try as below

Hope it helps!

@vignesh.manohar , to extract text from Images , we have to use OCR Activities, if you want to extract data from particular image you can try with Get OCR Text Activity or other OCR related activities from studio, you can also try with Document understanding feature where you can save your output into excel using Document understanding. please check the below link to get know more about Document Understanding.
Activities - About the Document Understanding activities (uipath.com)