Extracting data from images



Hi everyone,

i have gone to all the videos and the solutions given in forum but i am not abe to extract data from my images.
For now i have two passport images which i have downloaded from internet. I want to extract like name , passport no etc from these two images but its not able to extract the data i tried using anchor base it didnt worked out then i tried using citrix automation it also didnt worked out. i tried get text but failed.
Can anyone please help me in this?


Hi @aamir,
Use OCR to extract the data from the image
Refer below links



HI Arivu,

Thanks for the reply however i have seen the video of image automation and pdf automation in ui path and then i tried all the possible ways but it didnt worked. i have downloaded sample passport from google but it didnt worked


Hi arivu,

Need a small information when i am opening one image and trying to extract data from it its able to extract properly all the data but when i am trying to extract same data from different image whose font is small and there is some change in background color as well but both the images are of passport which i downloaded from google its getting failed.