Extract table data on error refreshes page

Hey guys, I need help.
I have set up “Extract Table Data” with a “next page” button inside of it. He basically takes starter url’s from an excel file, types it in to google and scrapes the info. Sometimes it happens that when he goes through all the next pages, my internet crashes and it cuts out, then starts yet again from the first page, forming somewhat of a loop that I cant figure out how to avoid. Can someone help me with this problem? Thanks!

Hey @Povilas_Jonikas

If you can help us with how you want the automation to behave in that edge case we can suggest some workarounds ?


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Hello @Povilas_Jonikas

In this case what you can do is use a WHile loop and use a counter variable to loop through the pages, instead of directly givin the navigation in datascrapping. After each datascrapping, it has to increase the counter, then use click activity to click the page number.

So even if you get the connection error, variable will be having the next page number and it can continue from where it failed.


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Hi Nithinkrishna,
Basically, I want the automation to when the internet connection is down, it wouldn’t go from the first page again, but would just refresh the page he is currently in until the internet has gone up again and continue. But I can’t figure that out by my self.

Hello Rahul,
I’ve tried this method, but I just can’t figure it out how to do it. I’m a newbie trying to learn the mysteries of UIpath. I just can’t procces counter variables for now. Is it possible to tell me how it works and where I just put theese things?
TRODO LOPTOP.xaml (29.3 KB)
Thanks a lot!

For example, I have url’s like this in an excel file. Take notes, that theese are only the starter urls. Each of them have from 50 to 800 pages inside of it, that I need to scrape. Automation takes the url in a1, insert’s it into google search and after that activity “ExtractTableData” tries to go through all the pages and extract the data of them, but when my internet crashes, the “retry scope” activity detects an error that there is nothing to scrappe and tries to restart the procces, but not from the same page, for example not from page 80, but yet again from page 1, and this creates a infinate loop that I just can’t get rid off.

Im still waiting for a helping hand