Extract PDF oages contain specific text

Hello Everyone
I’m new here and not have experience to use UIPAth for Extract PDF pages contain specific text
i have pdf file with Around 10000 page that need to extract any page contain test { MDGHY }
i search online for video or Flow to learn how to make it but cant find something can understand
i appreciate if can help to create this flow in UIPATH

Hi @l_developer

Checkout this steps


thank you so much Dear @Sudharsan_Ka
yes i already check this post before i create new one but really cant understand how can establish this codes

HI @l_developer

Check out this Custom activity


Hi @l_developer ,

Maybe you could Check the below post which is similar to your requirement, for your case, instead of Export PDF Page as Image you would need to use Export PDF Page Range and specify the Page number :

Let us know if you require further help.