Merge pdf page after extraction of data from a large file in Uipath

Can someon help me with the pdf page extraction in Uipath. I have a pdf with 500 pages and it has data with multiple criteria’s.

FOr example = page 1 to 3 has one invoice number and 3 to 8 has one invoice number and page 9 to 15 has differnt invoice number with some data. I want to extract specific pages as per the criteria. example I would like to extract first 3 pages and then from 3to 8 as one pdf and then 9 to 15 as one pdf.

The criteria’s are available as invoice number each page in the pdf. I want to name the extracted pdfs as per the invoice number.
Thanks in advance

Hi! @Ping_Pong , welcome to community!

1.I hope you have installed the UIPath.PDF.Activities package.
2.After that you may see the Extract PDF page range Activity.
3.Give the input file path and also output filepath.
4.Then Navigate to Properties of Pdf page range activity. inside the Range if you wants to read page no. 3-8. just mention 3-8 and save this file.

for your reference


Thanks for the reply. Actually, I dont have page number for few pdf pages all I have is invoice number common in these pdf files. is it possible to split depend on number of pages contains invoice number

Hi! please can you share me the file? if it is confidential then share the snap of invoice number. with the position!


you said invoice number will available at 3 rd page. take a snap of that page and also take a snap of next page where you are getting the invoice number! and share with me those snaps.


Hi Nani, Thanks for you help. The file contain 500 pages, I was split the file into a single pdf, now I have to merge them. I was able to extract the invoice with Regex in the each file.

If possible please can you share with me? that i can give you the RegEx.