Extract multiple pages line items using Form Extractor

I have a invoice for extract data. Its line items table is extending to 1st to 2nd and 3rd pages. I can extract page 1, line items using form extractor. But I did not see any option to extend it to 2nd and 3rd pages. Can I use Form extractor to extract line items that extend to multiple pages? If yes, how can I do that?

You can use the UiPath Enterprise edition to extract as many pages as required. For community edition , there is a boundation that only a maximum of 1 page per document can be extracted using form field extractor and 2 pages per document for ML extractor.

Hi, I am using the 2019.10.5 enterprise version but i am unable to extract table from multiple pages. Kindly help

@Prateek_Mathur when using the Intelligent Form extractor did you use UiPath Document OCR with correct endpoint?

For extracting multiple pages using Form extractor, At the end of the first-page custom selection, there are an option Extract rows from here which helps you to extract additional rows.

I think this will help !!


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Will this approach work when we dynamic number of line items using Form Extractor? Or need to use different extractor?

For example:
Invoice1 → 3 rows
Invoice2 → 1 rows
Invoice3 → 5 rows