Intelligent Form Extractor : not able to extract multiple pages

Hi there,

I have PDF files with multiple pages, and there are a table in each page.
I used Form Extractor and created a template.
It only extracts a table from the first page. but I would like to extract data from tables of all the pages.

I tried both Intelligent Form Extractor and Form Extractor.

My license is Enterprise. (Stand alone)

How do I extract data from multiple pages??
Is it possible with my license type?

Hi @yesterday

If both Intelligent Form Extractor and Form Extractor, please try using AI Center with Document Understanding .

The below link has the Complete playlist for better understanding.



Hi @yesterday ,

When dealing with Document Fields/Table Extraction, we would like to know at First the Document Type being involved. i.e Digital or Scanned/Images.

Once that is concluded, and with further Understanding of the document templates being involved we could suggest you the approaches required for attaining your result.

It is a digital document.