Hi, all how to extract multiple page PDF data through document understanding, as i'm trying to do but unable to get expected output

extract multiple page PDF data through document understanding

@sai_krishna6 which type of extractor you were using to extract the data ? Also, please go through the below doc to get to know more details on this

Hi @ushu , I’m using form extractor

@sai_krishna6 if you are using from extractor then you should train the pdf with maximum number of multi page pdfs that can get in your use case

Then, it can extract that data. If you trained for 3 multi pages pdfs and if you are trying to extract for 10 multi pages, it can’t do that

Also, when u r using form extractor the layout of the document or alignment of the data should be same since it extracts the data based on the words position

Please use the below link on how to extract the data from the pdf using Intelligent Form Extractor . Form Extractor and Intelligent Form Extractor functionalities were same so if you get to know any one of these, you can handle the other one as well

Hi @sai_krishna6

Have a look on the document and video




Try with intelligent form extractor and here you go with an example on how to do it

Cheers @sai_krishna6

tq @ushu will look into it.

Hi @Gokul001

tq, will look into it.

Let us know, If you face any issue @sai_krishna6

@ushu @Gokul001 Hi guys, I have a 59-page pdf where every page has the same format but with different information. I would like to extract the information from each page and write it to excel.

I set up the taxonomy manager correctly but I am only able to extract the data from the first page of the 59 pages, not sure how to get around this,

I am also facing same problem.
Let me know @Carson1 if you managed to resolve this.


Hi @gaurav_rpa,
I had faced a similar issue and I resolved it by splitting the pages and extracting information from individual pages.
Intelligent keyword classifers split a multi-page document automatically, so that is something that could be used as well.

I am sure you must have found some way to resolve this already. Do let us know what approach did you use. Maybe your answer could help someone else.

Hello sir want to exteact data from multiple pages…