Extract different table and put it in to excel from website

Hi Friends,

1.I am having a Web site, -
Enter the number as below

2.This web site has different different tables.
3. From these tables(some 5 small tables) i have to extract different fields.
ex: from table 1 - extract 2 fileds. table 2 5 fields.

And put all these in to same excel file in different columns , with column header.

Solution i tried: using web scraping, extracted one table.
Tried to extract different fields not able to get it.

NOTE: it has scrollbar i have to drag down for rest of the tables.


You have option to download as Excel in Web Page, that might help to do in a best way. Did you explore that ?


yes i have taken the excel from the data table - which is auto generated from the extracted table,while “data scraping”

I dont want complete table, i want only few frecords from each table…

After data loaded you can extract Data using LINQ queries or some statement like below



Can you please help me with one or 2 records from the site i gave?