Extract definitions from WebSite


I wan to extract words definition as follows :

1- Go to main page where I have a list of alphabets:
2- Need to click in each Letter to list all words:
3 - Next , need to click in each word and get the following:
4- From the text appeared, need to save each part to an excel file, as per the following columns :
Word | Transcription | Definition | Comment

Anyone can give a suitable approach to achieve this? Thanks, in advance.

try the steps below

  1. Build Data Table activity to create datatable with required columns
  2. Use Application/Browser activity to open the application
    3.use for each uielement to iterate through alphabets ,
  3. in the same loop use click activity to click on the current element
  4. Use one more for each uielement activity inside alphabets loop to iterate through words
  5. Use click activity to click on the current word element to expand
    7.now extract required data by either get text activity or table extraction if it is in table format
  6. now use add datarow activity to add the extracted data to table initially created
  7. at last , this will be entirely out of both loops use write range to write the data to excel

Hope the above steps helps you


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Thanks. What should be the best option to click a letter ( step 3), knowing that the letter is inside a blue light box , didn’t work for me .

what are selectors you are getting?

Are you not able to use click activity or are you getting any error or is it not executing means click is not happening

Can use image click as well but should be last option


Click Activity is not working, and for image click I can’t use it because need to go through Letters one by one

is their any chance use the hot keys to expand like enter or any other

first check are you able to do focus , then try these hotkeys

if possible can you provide the selector you are getting

mask any sensitive data present


Let me check and revert back to you . Thx