Click Activity no longer working with extracted Data Table and For Loop

I created a script using an extracted DataTable, a For Loop and an If Statement. Process flow below:

  1. Extract a table of 6 columns
  2. Iterate through every row and find the keyword ‘Binding’ on column 2
  3. If the keyword ‘Binding’ exists (for example, Row 3), use this row number 3 and
  4. Click on the word ‘Details’ located in column 6

Step 1,2,3 is working perfectly. However, the script is now forgetting to click on Row 3, but keeps on going to click Row 1 (incorrect) instead.

I’ve been trying to solve it for days but nothing is working. Please help.


Since the word ‘Details’ appears in column 6 of every row, you need some way to relate your desired row number to column 6 of exactly that row.
This is usually done through HTML attributes such as name, id. Since you’re using StudioX, these may not be that easily available or accessible.

Can you please share screenshots of how you’re using the Click activity for step 4? (i.e. clicking the word ‘Details’)


Hi there, this is the script. I tried everything in editing the selector.

  1. Trying to pass the appropriate index number as tableRow=‘{{rowIndex}}’ and it didn’t work

  2. Trying to put dynamic selectors such as tableRow=‘*’

For example, it should iterate through row 1,2,3 and skip row 3.

Currently it keeeeeps going back to row 1 even though it has been processed

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  1. Could you please find the selector for the detailed column

  2. Optimize or format the selector as per your need

  3. Add an idx={{rowNum}} to the selector

This should help



The workflow you shared doesn’t load or interact with any page that has the table with ‘Details’ on each row.
When I run the XAML, this is the kind of datatable that loads for each vendor code:

Also, what @Nithinkrishna suggested is worthwhile to try. I am however wary of using the idx attribute, preferably if you can find something that points to the row and column.
To attempt this, a little more advanced approach could help:

Using the Vendor Inventory as target table, I was able to do this:

  1. Set a column value as target and a corresponding first column in the same table as anchor. Then convert target to a dynamic-text target (changing every row)
  2. Once you do this, the target definition will match multiple rows and hence show error/warnings as shown in the Selector box: Duplicates found (yellow)
  3. Click Settings for the target element as shown above.
  4. Click Ui Explorer next to Fuzzy Selector
  5. Once in UiExplorer, you can test more advanced selectors (please read up on UiExplorer as necessary)

    Using variables within your selector as shown above, you should be able to build the dynamic selector for each row.

Hey @RPAForEveryone, thanks for your feedback. What did you do to trigger this ‘Target and Anchor’ Activity please?

This is the interface presented by the modern version of Click Activity.

You need to install UiPath.UIAutomationNext.Activities package for these activities
Once installed, use the Filter menu in your Activities panel to enable modern activities if necessary (you may see a Show Modern option in this list instead of Show Classic)

They are two different activities (detectable also from their individual icons)