Extract date from website calendar into excel

Hey guys,

The user will input date of day. The selector will click based on user input day and copy that to excel as record. But i don’t know how to do month as it is not number.

My question how to I make selector select month first and then proceed day ?

U can see my bot below:
test.xaml (3.9 KB)

Hi @Aldrin_Pro

which website are you using?

@Aldrin_Pro - do you see the dates in the URL? If yes, you can directly enter date there and then do search.
Alternatively, you will have to split the date the user enters by year, month and date; let the bot click on the blue arrow to get to the entered year. You can calculate the number of clicks by subtracting the current year (what shows on the calendar by default) from the user’s year. Calculate month and date similarly.