How to select date on website using date value from excel cell

I have a date which I am reading from excel, the date is then selected on a web form. How do split the date into variables so then I can click on the dates on the webform?

Convert the date into string and then use string.split method and save result in string array.

For eg: Date is β€œ16-9-2021”. Save it in a string variable say Datestr and then use assign activity to with DateArray( create an string array variable)
DateArray = Datestr.Split("-"c)

It will automatically save value in array. Output will be

DateArray(0) = 16
DateArray(1)= 9
DateArray(2)= 2021

You can further use these values as per your requirement!

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Can we enter date in that form instead of selecting it from menu ?

Hi, Thanks for your message. Unfortunately not, the only option I have is to select from a date menu.
I have looked at the suggestion from Gaurav_Malhotra, and it seems that this option isn’t available in Studio X, please correct me if I am wrong.




Can you share the screenshot of the element from that web page where you need to enter date. I need to look into once.

Here you go


Make use of Notebook (Date sheet) for this manipulation where Text and separator need to be adjusted to get the 3rd Token value as output.