How to Enter Date Into Portal if it is Calender?

Hi Everyone,
1.In Excel I have column with date.
2.I want to enter that date into Web portal.
3.the date enter lable looks like Textbox but when tried to type it is giving Calender.

How can i enter the date. Can anyone help me…

Thanks in Advance

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Hi @krishnareddy

If the selector is correct means you can use set web attribute activity

Ashwin S

@krishnareddy Can you please share the screen shot of the web portal.

Hi @indra

@krishnareddy Try with Type into activity.

@indra Not Woring TypeInto…

@krishnareddy What error you are facing can you share.

In Type into activity
do not check click before type
do not check empty
Only Check Simulate.

if above fails, try above with unchecking of activate element before typeinto

Make sure you type the date in format that the box accepts. you can check the format by manually selecting the date