Extract data from Website not working

Hi Guys,

I’m quite new to UiPath and we are trying to scrape data to provide an end customer a comparison of an insurance. A super brief video shows the extract data process:


So I select the data table with the data extract activity where you can see from the video works fine but then when producing the ouput and writing the data to an excel it is empty all the time. Below please find an image of the extract data step.

I think it has to do with loading the results but after clicking the button I wait for 20 seconds so that everything is loaded when extracting.

Anybody an idea whe the output is empty even though UiPath recognizes the table?

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Here is a gif showing the process as well


Let’s change the WaitForReady property to None and MaxNumberOfResults to 0 which will ensure that all the extracted items are fetched as output datatable
DelaybetweenPageMS to some value with milliseconds like 2000

And once after that extract table activity use a writeline activity and mention like this to validate how many rows are fetched



Hey @Palaniyappan thanks - i have update according to your specs:

And have input a writeline:

image as suggested

is the writeline correctly done?

It still outputs the no data in the end.

Can we redo the extraction process with a new Extract table activity so that we can validate once in PREVIEW stage of data extraction whether data is being extracted or not

Or did you get a chance to see on preview tab once you did the data extraction


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Hey as you can see from the gif it shows the extracted data in the preview - which is weird that it doesn’t output it in the end

have a check on any dynamic parts on the selectors. A only run first time extraction is a trigger, that selectors are changed on a second run, when extraction result is empty


Hey - where would it check the dynamic parts here?

  • Browser Scope - attach Browser Selector
  • ExtractData - Selector

close the Browser / open it manually again validate the selectors could be the first start. focus on all what is looking one time valuid like ids, parts on id, names etc

Sorry I can’t follow - how do you mean?

have sent you a PM

In the below image we can see a three line at the right top of the activity

Click in that and click on edit selector

There we can find the attribute of the elements
See which one looks dynamic

May be to find in exact Do a extraction and open the selector editor and copy paste the selector in notepad

Now delete that activity and do again the data extraction and click on the options in that activity
Open selector editor and copy paste the selector in same notepad below to the previous one

Identify the attribute which looks different and replace that portion with a * wildcard symbol in selector editor and click save or Ok

Then run the process