Extract data from Web Page


I am a beginner in UI path. I need to extract data from a web page and put it to CSV file. page a more than one million record, with page navigation (1…2…3…4 next). But unfortunately after navigating random number of pages some time 1500 some time 1200, some time 1700 pages… … execution stops without giving any error.
It never reaches till end of the list. I need to navigate until end of the list.

How i defined my script:
Step1 . I created a flowchart.
Step2: open browser and login type user name and password
Step 3 . add data scraping , and define the pattern. and the next button.

Any suggestion/ ideas ?


Did you put 0 at the maxim number of results?

Hi Robert,

Thanks for your reply.

no i put maximum number record i have : “239530”


Then it will only return 239530 results, put 0 so it will get all results from the page. Also, when it will reach the end, there will be a delay, don’t worry about it.

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Thanks a lot i will try putting 0.