Can anyone please help me to extract data from pdf and store in to excel

Im having a pdf which contains data ,i extracted data and store it in to one excel.
Now if i want to extract some more data from the pdf and store in to excel, how can i proceed that one. Can anyone help me to solve this issue.
I need to extract finaltotal, reduction percentage(4%),and right in to specific cell ,this should be same for the other sheets also.Pdf_Sample.pdf (56.8 KB)
Samplepdf_excel.xlsx (9.7 KB)

Hi @Chippy_Kolot ,

Could you Check the below Workflow :
Extract_Data_Regex (2).zip (56.3 KB)

The data was separated by spaces (More than 2), Hence was able to separate the data using regex and get it in a Datatable format.

But if in the actual PDF if this is not the case, then we would need to modify the regex expression accordingly.

Let us know if you are able to use the workflow with your actual data.