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I have extracted data of Orchestrator queue in JSON format and from this i need to fetch the values of Invoice_Date, Seller_ID ,and VIN_Number and store them into variables for future use.
Challenge over here is that there are multiple values of these as the queue contains 10 items description.
Can anyone suggest how it can be done.
All of the these values can be found in Message field of JSON attached.

@Lahiru.Fernando @RobotMaster @GBKnew1.json (11.7 KB)

@Jayesh_678 can you also please support in the above query

@J0ska can u please support in the above query


Please send the Json output in notepad. I am unable to open JSON file.

One of the ways of doing this by using SelectToken from the Json response, another way is by using Regex expressions.

Solution by using SelectToken is below, See output panel

For each of the response Json, we would need to use below 3 sequences

Extracting your json response as below, which contained the parameters you mentioned

“Invoice_Date”:“05/07/2019 09:11:00”,
“Seller_Name”:“DT INVENTORY”,
“Aucton_Location”:“Tolleson, AZ”,

You can use assign activity and store formattedJson.SelectToken(“DynamicProperties.Seller_ID”).ToString into a variable
Similarly for formattedJson.SelectToken(“DynamicProperties.Invoice_Date”).ToString
and formattedJson.SelectToken(“DynamicProperties.VIN_Number”).ToString for each of the parameters mentioned

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