Dont know how extract the data I need in a Json Object


Maybe this is a newbie question, but in a process I need the StartProcessing and EndProcessing Time from an specific item processed in the orchestrator queue. (Please UiPath fix the bug from not extracting the ended time in the get queue items specific content :slight_smile: )

After filtering them I call an item filtered and I need the time it stayed in the queue, the solutions I see in the forum get them in a bulk way, and they doesn’t works for a single queue item (either doing a for each doesn’t work)

So after trying a lot of staff I call for help. I show you the Json String and my relevant workflow.


Thanks you for your time

Give a try on
YourParsedJObject(“value”).Values(Of JObject)(0)(“StartProcessing”).Value(Of String)
Also working with selectToken did help for good extraction strategies

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Thanks for the answer, I tried your suggestion but it didn’t worked:


For the token I had tried this:



A coworker find out the way:


Thank you for your time Peter!

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