Facing issue in parsing dynamic JSON

Hi all,

I have a dynamic JSON file and that file i want to parse but facing the issue.
Please guide me how I can fix this.

Scenario1: If there is only one client.
Scenario 2: if more than one client.

Attaching the both JSON files for the reference. If anyone can make a small demo using this file would be more helpful.

ANJSON1.txt (510 Bytes)
JSON2.txt (879 Bytes)

deserialize JSON with deserialze JSON Activity - myJOBject

for RnD purpose do following:

  • For each Activity | item | myJObject(“individualdetails”)(“data”).Values(Of JObject) | Type argument: JObject
    • log message: item(“surname”).toString

it should iterate over all clients and logs the name

Thanks Peter.

Awesome solution. In first shot working fine. Lets implement whole JSON and let you know the result.


Also have alook here:

SelectToken can help us often when doing extraction

Hi Peter

Can you guide me for another attached scenario? This JSON is some different format.JSON33.txt (1018 Bytes)


Hi All,

These is the syntax of JSON.



Hi @anand.t

please see this video about JSON: UiPath | Convert DataTable To JSON | How to convert datatable to JSON | JSON in UiPath | JSON String - YouTube

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I am unable to get the Employer Data.


Ensure that the Key names are Used in Same Manner as in json. Don Not Change upper lower Case. Also respect spaces within the name

Hi Peter,

My concern is how I fetched the information of Employer name and country i,e,
Ramesh , Rajesh and India of given JSON.


I am getting the information of currently working.


How can I call this array. Need help in this point.


item(“Employer”)(“1”)(“Name”). toString
And also with the selecttoken Methode WE can Retrieve values from different Nested objects with the [Index] syntax

Since this is dynamic array of JSON. So i am using loop like this but in second time execution getting error.

One Thing. We Prefer to have 1 Case = 1 topic. So the Origin Case was solved. Thennwith another Case json discussion was continued.

This can members searching for A solution confuse and make less fast to identify Case and solution. Thats why 1 topic = 1 Case

Feel free to Open for the Second Case a new topic, and Close this Case with Marking solving Post as solution of Origin case

If possible Provide also json when opening the New topic

Thanks for support

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