I have opened an dice job portal where we can find mail id’s by Email Extractor if there is any mail id we can press Ctrl+Shift+1 directly from the webpage where email id will be copied and next i want to save it to excel but not working… for next time i will use for loop and collect all mail id’s so that i can share my consultants details…

Hi @rohit_di ,

Could you please explain a bit more.



Are all the email ids copied at once?

if so mostly they might be in New lines

Try using generate datatable activity and give the row separator as Environment.Newline and check if the data is getting converted to datatable

Then you can write the data to excel or can use loop on the datatable to get each email inside the loop

Hope this helps


On job search portal we search for technology, we get list of job roles to apply then we open each job link and send a mail to vendor in that some times we cant find out vendor mail in description by with email extractor we can find it out (its an chrome extension), so when we turn on we can find out the mail now to copy and past it into excel, i am able to copy but unable to past please help me out

now i want to paste into an variable so that i can keep it in look and write it down to excel…


Either follow above steps or use write cell activity to write th copued data into excel…get clipboard can be used to get the clipboard data to variable


Hi @rohit_di ,

Kindly follow the below steps, I have tested it with the email extractor extension.


Kindly mark this thread as solution.


Thanks its working for this randomlists but for my job portals…

Thank you it’s working…

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