Compare excel information with a website

Hi, I need some help…

it turns out that I have to compare data by rows, from an excel file with information from a website. How could that comparison be made?

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Hii @Jorge_Luis_Sanchez
By using get full text you can store into string variable,after you can compare extracted text by data row using .equals.

Read Excel data and store it in data table and go to website .
In for each row , get value of row of Excel one by one and open website and use get text activity (or data scrapping if table available in website).
Than compare row of data table to website scrapped value one by one.
Hope it will help !!

hi sandeep , I need your help with this topic. Actually I need to compare 3000 rows of a single column of an excel file with the values I am getting in the browser while I am inserting certain data into the form .