How to get data from 2 webpage, of 2 website, compare, and do any actions

I have to enter in the first site, and collect a list of IDs, I have to enter in the detail of each ID and collect a series of details for each, and create datatable.
Do this for each ID on the list.


I have to enter in second site, start searching by ID.
The search result contains the same elements that I have to compare with the first site, like a table.
This web table contains two editable cells where to insert a notification string.

At this point
I have to start the comparison, and therefore:

  • if the comparison fails on one or more elements, take action only on the first site.(click on checkbox)
  • if the elements match, perform actions on both the first site (another check box), and second sites, inserting two strings in the two editable cells.

All this has already been developed, and works only if the list is made up of only one element of the first site. I don’t know how to loop between two websites.

Anyone have a flow that I can analyze to create the loop? can I share mine to the limit?


This is the list of logistic ‘steps’.
I have developed the whole process, but it only works if I have an ID.
I don’t know how to create a LOOP, on two sites by setting searches for each ID.

Can someone help me?