Extract attachments from msg files

Hello All, I have .msg file in the outlook attachments. currently i am downloading the .msg file to 1 folder. and even the .msg file is also contains some attachments. i need download that attachment also. please help me on this.

I did similar task. Semi-automatic.
Main challenge for me was names of attachments. In outlook they named after mail subjects and most of them have the same names and UiPath overwrite attachments with the same name. Because of that I write some code for renaming these files.
After I downloaded .msg files in file folder.

I just manually copy-paste them from file folder to outlook folder back. Magic happen here outlook some how understand that they are his emails.

In your case I you can repeat first step again.

So How did you do that…? downloading the attachments from .msg?

First. I moved .msg files to outlook again.
And they became normal emails in outlook. After that I use the same method for reading attachments.

Probably you can automate this step, but for me it was one time task and was happy with results.

Why are you downloading the .msg files instead of just getting them from Outlook using the Outlook activities?

Why would you introduce an extra unnecessary step instead of just getting the emails directly with the email features of UiPath?