Extract a data in Datatable in website

In website there is a Scan documents search option already documents uploaded,
In that I have so many documents with DocID , Doc Type, Scan Date , from here I want specific document with cuurent date and Extract Respective Doc ID only,
Explain me how to get ?

Hi @Balaharish29

Could you share a screenshot as what you want to extract, would help to guide you better.

Also, would recommend to download the docs first and then reading them.


Hi @prateek.mehandiratta9

Here I upload the picture,
This datatable is for dummy data in Live there will be so many , I have upload dummy doc for getting current date,
I want to extract Insurance document with current date and get only DOC ID , I have struck while extracting in year it has only last 2 digit

Hi @Balaharish29

You can get these details by using regex.

As for year you have to compare by using the data format like this “MM/dd/yy”

Hope it helps.

HI @Balaharish29

First, read the entire table using Data Scraping / Table Extraction. Once you have entire data in a datatable you can loop and filter the data you need.

About Data Scraping (uipath.com)

Hope this helps.


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